• Do I need to remove my garbage?

    There is a garbage room in each building. Please wrap your garbage at all times. Recycle bins are green with a yellow top.

    Spare black bags are in each garbage room

    It is expected that you will not leave garbage in your unit 

  • How does my key card work?

    Your key card will open all units and common area doors, gates and garage shutters.

    Simply hold the card up close at the black circle in the centre of the wall terminal. Sometimes there is a slight pause but do not move the card.

    If you lose your card, there is a $20.00 per card lost 

  • How can I leave the property?

    By Car – Garage shutters and the front gate open automatically from a pressure pad on the ground

    By Foot – There is a press to exit button set back from each gate. The front driveway also has a press to exit button for pedestrians

  • Does each unit have external lightening?

    The On switch at the main doors turns on some foyer lights. The Off at the front door turns off all lights and master in the main bedroom turns off all unit lights but not the other bedrooms.

  • How does the Air Conditioner work?

    Air conditioning will turn on either manually or from the AC button. If you have a red light it is on.

    All you have to do is adjust the temperature indicated on the red sticker. Please assist by not leaving the air conditioner on when it is not required.

    During Warm weather pull the blinds down overnight.

    Sun symbol for heat, max 24 degrees. Iceberg symbol for cooling – leave on 22 / 23 degrees

  • What is the smoking policy?

    These are non smoking units. If you need to smoke please use the balcony with the door shut. Please use ashtrays for cigarette butts.

    Do not throw butts off the balcony 

  • How to control noise levels?

    Please respect your neighbours and refrain from excessive noise and come in from the balcony no later than 11pm.

    This is due to the increible echo effect at night, when coming home late please use the back path via the BBQ.

  • Are there internet charges?

    1GB / device per day is supplied Free of Charge

    You can purchase more if required

  • What time is checkout?

    Checkout is 10am unless special arrangements are made. Lost key cards result in a $20.00 charge. All unit items damaged are charged at the replacement cost 

  • How do I use the oven?

    There is an isolating switch on the kitchen wall marked oven which has to be turned on.

  • Is moving furniture permitted?

    Moving Furniture is NOT permitted but it it is a requirement please contact staff who will make a decision and assist

  • What is included in my unit?

    All items such as toilet paper, tea, coffee, sugar, washing powders, towels are supplied on arrival.

    You are responsible for extra supplies such as using the laundry to wash or dry towels.

  • Are there guidelines to unit cleaning?

    Please do not hang wet towels or costumes over the balcony. Each unit should have a clothes airer or use the dryer.

    If extra cleaning is required due to the unit being left untidy it is charged at the normal cost of Housekeeping 

  • Which payments do you accept?

    If paying your account by credit card there is a 1% surcharge on Visa and Mastercard and 2% on AMEX.

    EFT | Cheque | Direct Deposit | Cash is Free of Charge